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Bekijk de site in het Nederlands

The UvA’s Addiction Development and Psychopathology lab (ADAPT) has created a new Chinese website for Chinese people living in the Netherlands who would like to quit smoking. This website, launched on 1 October in relation to the national Stoptober campaign to help end tobacco dependency, is in preparation of a larger study that is set to take place in China.

Photo: Roman Pavlyuk (Flickr CC)

Cigarettes and China 

China is the largest consumer and producer of tobacco on earth and is estimated to have about 350 million smokers. Despite a raft of government measures to curb and discourage smoking, tobacco dependency remains stubbornly high and annually results in health-related issues in a large part of the population.

With its new online Chinese training, the ADAPT lab hopes to help Chinese smokers in the Netherlands to quit the habit by modifying the automatic processes thought to trigger smokers to reach for another cigarette. The training is anonymous, simple and easy to follow and can be done from home. The website will be followed by a larger study targeting Chinese smokers in China


Founded in 2008 and led by Reinout Wiers, professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Amsterdam, the ADAPT lab provides free online training in Dutch against a variety of addiction problems, including alcohol, cigarette smoking, marijuana and cocaine. The experts who form part of ADAPT use the latest methods and novel interventions to tackle addictive behaviour and other forms of psychopathology.