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Between 9 June and 10 October 2015, UvA employees who were of the opinion that their appointment was not in keeping with the letter and spirit of the Collective Labour Agreement of the Dutch Universities (CAO NU) and the Dutch Work and Security Act were given the option to ask the confidential adviser on individual legal status ('VIR') for a binding recommendation.

The confidential adviser received 34 such requests in total. He has issued binding recommendations in 17 of these cases. The Executive Board has adopted these recommendations. The other 17 requests were withdrawn by the employees concerned, either because a satisfactory solution was reached in the meantime, because the employee in question found a job elsewhere or because he or she decided not to pursue the procedure further after all.

Of the 17 cases in which a decision was issued, 10 were requests to convert a temporary appointment into a permanent appointment. In nine of these cases the confidential adviser judged that the temporary appointment must be converted into a permanent appointment.

The other seven requests concerned notices of dismissal, appointments that had not been extended and an increase in working hours. In three cases the confidential adviser judged that the employee was not entitled to an appointment but was entitled to assistance in seeking another job, in one case he decided that an appointment must be offered, and in one that a reimbursement must be provided but that the offer of an appointment is not necessary. Of the three requests received for an increase in working hours, the confidential adviser judged one to be well-founded and rejected the other two. For one of the employees, the recommendations addressed two aspects.

For those employees who did not make use of the temporary opportunity to request a binding recommendation from the confidential adviser on individual legal status, this adviser will continue to be available to answer questions from employees regarding appointments and individual legal status. Employees can also seek recourse in the objections and appeals procedures, if desired.

In the interests of employee privacy, no further details can be released.