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The events that took place in Paris this past Friday have led to expressions of shock within the University of Amsterdam. Students from the UvA and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences were in Paris on the day of the attacks. Fortunately, no one was hurt and all are safe and sound. Speaking on behalf of the UvA-AUAS Executive Board, Professor Dymph van den Boom, rector magnificus of the UvA, sends her condolences to all those affected by the events in France and emphasises her hope that social relations do not become further strained.

Van den Boom: ‘These attacks affect all of us: our students and colleagues in France, but also the French exchange students at our university. Our thoughts go out to the bereaved. We are also concerned about the social implications of this act of terror.’

Van den Boom expresses her hope that social relations remain peaceful and that these attacks do not cause polarisation. The Board of the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences call on the higher education community to take its social responsibility and contribute to a meaningful debate in which room exists for tolerance and de-escalation and which works towards bringing together groups, people and opinions within society.