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The Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has appointed UvA and ASTRON astrophysicist Jason Hessels as one of ten new members.

Poto: Susan Franzen

As a member of The Young Academy, Hessels will form part of a dynamic and innovative group of top young scientists with outspoken views on science and scholarship.  

About The Young Academy

Established in 2005, the Young Academy regularly organises inspiring activities in the areas of interdisciplinarity, science policy, science and society, and internationalisation. Besides having solid research credentials, Young Academy members also have a broad interest in the pursuit of scholarship and in science communication. Membership is for a period of five years. The new members will be officially appointed during a ceremony in the Royal Academy’s Trippenhuis on 29 March 2016.  

About Jason Hessels

Jason Hessels (1979) takes great effort to involve both young and old in the world of fundamental research, more specifically his field of research: radio astronomy. His research primarily focuses on pulsars: neutron stars that act as cosmic lighthouses by regularly emitting brief pulsations. His discovery of, among other things, the quickest spinning and heaviest neutron stars has been of great importance to astronomy, nuclear physics and theoretical physics. Hessels enjoys talking about his work at primary schools and during public events and has developed a ‘crafting pulsar’, whereby children learn more about rotation and magnetic fields.