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At the request of the Executive Board, the Confidential Adviser on Individual Legal Status (VIR), Remko Koopman, has issued an opinion on the policy relating to temporary contracts. This opinion is based on interviews with employees who submitted a request for an opinion because they believed they had not been treated according to the letter and spirit of the CAO NU.

The Board will share the VIR’s opinion with the Central Works Council (COR) and the employee organisations on the Local Consultative Committee. The Board is engaged in discussion with these parties about a plan to come up with a suitable balance of permanent-temporary contracts. The Board will also incorporate the VIR’s opinion when working out two priorities from the HR Agenda: a suitable balance between permanent and temporary appointments and strategic personnel planning.

The Temporary Staff Committee will shortly be issuing an opinion on temporary appointments as a result of the research report issued by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS).

Seven recommendations

The VIR’s opinion contains the following seven recommendations:

  1. Offer prospects
  2. Formulate a single appointment policy for the entire University
  3. Do not seek out the ‘edges’ of the law and the CAO NU
  4. Grant a permanent appointment in the case of structural work
  5. Communicate clearly
  6. Intensify the redeployment policy
  7. See whether career paths aimed more at education are possible and whether lecturers can work in higher education with an applied emphasis