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Information from the Supervisory Boards to the UvA-AUAS community on the current appointment procedure and the resignation of Hans Amman as vice-president of the Executive Board.

The Supervisory Boards regret recent news reports about the current appointment procedure and the resignation of Hans Amman. The Supervisory Boards deem it harmful and totally unacceptable that information was leaked about the procedure for appointing a new president and rector magnificus. Individuals who had a right to confidentiality have been negatively affected. Talks will be held in the short term with the representative advisory bodies and the advisory appointment committees on how to investigate and deal with this situation. 


In the coming period consultations will be held with the proposed president of the Executive Board and the rector magnificus. Over the past week the broadly assembled advisory appointment committees have in both cases unanimously put forward a candidate. Atzo Nicolaï, chair of the Supervisory Boards: ‘We hope the appointment of a new president and rector magnificus can be speedily concluded. Talks are being held with the representative advisory bodies of students and staff, as well as the deans of the UvA and AUAS. In this way we are convinced that the recommendations and views of all sectors of the UvA and AUAS can be included in the final decision.’

Faculty professor

In consultation with Hans Amman, vice-president of the UvA-AUAS Executive Board, it has been agreed that he will take on the position of faculty professor at the UvA’s Faculty of Economics and Business by 1 September at the latest.

As faculty professor of Computational Economics, Hans Amman will concentrate on academic innovation and on strengthening collaboration between the different disciplines. ‘I am excited about this new position’, says Amman. ‘I have remained active within science and academia. To have more time for research and education is an enticing prospect. Besides personal reasons, the UvA-AUAS partnership also played a role in my decision. The new president will be tasked with evaluating this partnership. It was my conviction that steps to this effect should already be taken. Additionally, I wish to emphasise that there is no question of a personal conflict.’

Administrative collaboration

The UvA-AUAS Executive Board and Supervisory Boards discussed the matter of administrative collaboration on several occasions in 2015. It was jointly decided that the new board will have the task of thoroughly evaluating this partnership and subsequently setting out a new strategy. This decision was then agreed on together with the representative advisory bodies and deans and included as an assignment in the profile of the new president of the Executive Board. 

All parties agree that this should be an evaluation in which all options are put on the table, so that the pros and cons can be meticulously weighed. Nicolaï: We wish to make it clear that the Supervisory Boards are open to all outcomes and have not taken a position. We want to follow the procedure that was agreed to as thoroughly as possible.’ The Supervisory Boards believe it is important that a decision is taken after the evaluation has been concluded and the UvA-AUAS community properly consulted.

Over the past few days the Supervisory Boards have been in close contact with the Executive Board and have held constructive talks with the UvA-AUAS representative advisory bodies and the deans. It is important to find a suitable replacement for Hans Amman as quickly as possible. In the importance of ensuring that ongoing policy matters are attended to, it will be assessed whether an interim solution might be the best course of action.