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The Temporary Personnel Committee has presented a memorandum, 'Recommendations for an action plan to tackle excessive flexibilisation at the University of Amsterdam', to the Executive Board.

The Board will consider the recommendations as it develops a policy for an appropriate ratio of permanent to temporary staff. This is one of the priorities of the HR Agenda and point 8 of the ten-point plan: restricting the number of temporary employment contracts.

Sixteen policy recommendations

The sixteen policy recommendations include:

  • clear personnel capacity planning;
  • the UvA as a single legal employer;
  • own-risk bearer status under the Unemployment Insurance Act should not be an incentive to temporary employment;
  • overhead costs should not be an incentive to temporary employment;
  • internal labour market for internal mobility of temporary staff;
  • development opportunities for temporary staff;
  • no displacement by guests;
  • no avoidance schemes;
  • permanent employment not to be used as a form of promotion.

Investigation and recommendations of the Temporary Personnel Committee

The Temporary Personnel Committee was established in response to the CAO NU 2015- 2016, in which a maximum of 22% was agreed for temporary appointments for the four academic teaching positions. The Committee was initially made up of: the HRM committee of the Central Works Council and the University Local Consultative Committee. The Committee was expanded later when the union action committee UvA-Flex and Rethink-UvA joined. Based on its investigation, the Committee has made recommendations for reducing the proportion of temporary appointments and contracts.

Facilitated and financed by the Board, in June the Committee instructed the University's independent research institute AIAS to carry out a study. This consisted of an analysis of all kinds of temporary employment arrangements and contracts that the University has worked with in recent years. (The full AIAS report is available in Dutch.)

The recommendations of the Temporary Personnel Committee supplement the advice of the confidential adviser on individual legal status with which they are in agreement for a large part.