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The Supervisory Boards of the UvA and AUAS have had intensive and constructive discussions over the past two weeks with the Executive Board, the deans and the representative advisory bodies of the UvA and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

The discussions concerned the appointment of new members to the Executive Board, the strength and continuity of executive management, the composition of the joint Executive Board and the collaboration between the UvA and the AUAS.

On the basis of these discussions and the recommendations of the representative advisory bodies and the deans, the Supervisory Boards have decided on the following:

  •  Geert ten Dam, professor of Education at the UvA, is to be appointed president of the Executive Board of the UvA and the AUAS effective 1 June.
  • Karen Maex, dean of the science faculties of the UvA and VU Amsterdam, is to be appointed rector magnificus of the UvA and vice-president of the Executive Board effective 1 June.
  • Huib de Jong, rector of the AUAS, is to be appointed vice-president of the Executive Board effective 1 June.
  • The Executive Board will be strengthened as soon as possible through the addition of a finance portfolio-holder for the AUAS, for which an interim Board member will be recruited. Hans Amman has indicated his willingness to the Supervisory Boards to continue to fulfill the finance portfolio for the UvA until 1 January 2017.
  • The Executive Board will be asked to take up the agreed-upon evaluation of the administrative collaboration between the UvA and AUAS as soon as possible and to prepare it for decision-making before 1 January 2017.

Ten Dam and Maex can count on broad support within the organisations and both have extensive experience within teaching and research. The Supervisory Boards are confident that these measures – the appointment of Geert ten Dam and Karen Maex, the appointment of an interim finance portfolio-holder and the willingness of Hans Amman to stay on until 1 January 2017 – will ensure the strength and continuity of the executive management of both institutions.
The Supervisory Boards express their deep gratitude for the commitment of Dymph van den Boom in recent months in her role as acting president of the UvA-AUAS Executive Board.