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The University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Science and the Faculties of Sciences and Earth and Life Sciences of VU University Amsterdam will each be headed by a separate dean moving forward. This is the outcome of a joint meeting between the executive boards of the UvA and VU Amsterdam.

Faculty on Science Park 904
Fotograaf: Hanne Nijhuis

The last few years have shown just how demanding it can be for one person to be dean of three large faculties at two different locations. The collaborative partnership between the UvA and VU Amsterdam – which is currently being shaped bottom-up through the programmes and institutes and not, as originally planned, by merging the three faculties – can be managed successfully by two separate deans. The faculty works council and faculty student council also share this view, which factored heavily in the eventual decision. Naturally, the collaborative partnership between the UvA and VU Amsterdam will remain a priority. Both deans will jointly give further shape to this partnership. 

The recruitment process will start in the coming period. In consultation with the representative bodies, the first step will be to draft a profile and determine the exact procedure. It was recently announced that Peter van Tienderen will take up the post of acting dean of the Faculty of Science, effective 1 June. Van Tienderen succeeds Karen Maex, who is set to take office as rector magnificus of the UvA.