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Lianne Schmidt will continue as student assessor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) until 1 January 2017. Schmidt was appointed in this capacity for a period of one year on 1 September 2015. The Executive Board decided to extend Schmidt’s appointment partly on the advice of the Central Student Council (CSR).

Lianne Schmidt

‘The appointment of a student assessor was an experiment', says Geert ten Dam, president of the Executive Board. 'We are awaiting the final evaluation of the position and the findings of the Democratisation and Decentralisation Committee, which will issue its report in September. We thought it wise to wait until then.'

The Central Student Council also made known its preference to wait for the evaluation and report and to extend Lianne Schmidt’s term of office until January.

Ten Dam: ‘Lianne is doing a sterling job as student assessor. I am pleased that she is willing to stay on until January. If in October a decision is taken to continue with the position, then we will consult with the Central Student Council on the recruitment and selection process and appoint a new student assessor by 1 January.’  

‘The current Central Student Council considers it important that the final decision on whether or not to continue with the position of student assessor should also take into account the findings of the Democratisation and Decentralisation Committee and the recommendations of the new Student Council’, says Naomi Appelman, chair of the CSR. ‘This is why we concluded that it would be better if the position of student assessor within the Executive Board was extended for another four months.’

‘I understand why I was asked to stay on a bit longer. Besides, there is enough that needs doing in the coming months and the link between students and management is crucial in this regard. I am therefore extremely pleased to continue as student assessor for an additional four months’, says Schmidt.