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On 12 October the Diversity Committee, led by Prof. Gloria Wekker, presented its final report, titled ‘Lets do diversity’, to the academic community, members of the Contact Group and the Executive Board of the UvA.

Photo: Suzanne Blanchard
Chair Gloria Wekker presenting the final report to geert ten Dam. Photo by Suzanne Blanchard

The English and Dutch summaries of the report give a short overview of the findings and recommendations.

About the report

You can find the entire English report with appendices below. The first appendix is the mandate of the Diversity Committee (in Dutch). The appendix belonging to Chapter 1 zooms in on the survey’s methodology and figures. The third appendix deals with the research method Paradigm III and microaggressions of Chapter 2 and the fourth focuses on the theoretical approach and methodological framework of Chapter 3. The fifth and final appendix outlines the theoretical framework of Chapter 4.

The Dutch version of the final report is expected at the beginning of November and will be published on this website as well.

About the Committee

On February 24, 2016 the Diversity Committee was publicly presented in the Music Room at CREA. This was the third committee, after the Committees on Finance and Housing and Democratisation and Decentralisation, to be installed after the Maagdenhuis Occupation. The Committee was formally instituted after receiving approval in a joint meeting of the COR and the CSR, and it was funded by the Executive Board on March 4, 2016. In a little under 8 months, the Committee, supported by a team of research assistants, has managed to obtain an overview of the state of diversity at UvA.