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From 23 November through 11 December, the Democratisation and Decentralisation Committee (D&D) will hold a advisory referendum on its proposals. The UvA maintains regular contact with the committee and will be facilitating the referendum.


For example, on 2 September the UvA offered to connect the D&D Committee with experts in the area of methodology. It was also stated that the UvA believes a non-response study is important in order to interpret the results. On 11 November the UvA asked the committee whether it shares the view that it is important for the success of the consultation process that questions be made public well in advance so that everyone can determine their position in a well-informed manner.


The UvA will facilitate the advisory referendum in the following ways:

  • Compiling the voting register based on the SAP HR and SIS systems. (The voter categories are determined beforehand by the D&D Committee.)
  • Making files available to the independent research agency Ruigrok Netpanel, for the purpose of the referendum.
  • Participating in the D&D Committee’s Consultation Committee, to review applications for inclusion in the voting register, among other things.
  • Publishing the information from the D&D Committee's Consultation Committee on
  • Providing the email address ‘’ to the D&D Committee in order to inform voters about their voting rights and the upcoming referendum. 
  • Sharing neutral turnout-boosting reports on the referendum via the UvA's online channels (,,, and Facebook).
  • Making the Maagdenhuis hall and other facilities available for organising debates.
  • Supporting the Central Student Council in neutral campaign activities to encourage students and staff to vote.
  • Publishing and sharing documents and messages from the D&D Committee about the committee's proposals and about the referendum.


In compiling the voting register, questions arose regarding the participation of ACTA and AMC in the advisory referendum. The UvA discussed this with the deans of both faculties. ACTA has since agreed to participate. Discussion on the participation of AMC staff is still ongoing. AMC students have been automatically entered in the register.