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Update 15:45: The power supply has been resumed in REC buildings BCD. These buildings will be open as normal tomorrow.

This article will be updated as soon as possible.

Update 13:00: Building G at Science Park 904 is still cold on account of problems with the air circulation system. Heaters are being used as a temporary solution.

Update 12:55

The Wi-Fi networks ‘UvA’ and ‘Eduroam’ are up and running at all UvA buildings, except for REC buildings BCD (which are closed today).

Update 12:00

The Faculty of Social Sciences has indicated that REC buildings BCD will remain closed today. Affected departments are currently working to see whether courses can be rescheduled to other locations on the Roeterseiland campus. The faculty has sent an email to its students and staff informing them of the situation. Students are advised to check the latest information on

Update 11:30

REC buildings BCD are still closed. As a result of the power outage, the central power supply isn’t working in these parts of the Roeterseiland Campus. It is currently still not known when everything will be back to normal.

Update 11:15

Trains have started running again, but services are limited and delays are possible. The metros are running on schedule. The trams are also running, but at limited capacity.

Update 11:10

The coffee vending machines are up and running. Faulty machines can be reported by calling 020 525 7575.

Update 10:35

The wireless networks 'UvA' and 'Eduroam' are down in the following buildings: P.C. Hoofthuis, REC H, RC J/K, REC L, REC G, REC I, REC P, the Artis Library and Special Collections (Oude Turfmarkt).

The coffee vending machines are not working in a large number of UvA buildings.

Update 09:38

REC buildings BCD are still closed. It is still unclear when these will opened. A rescheduling of the timetable is being considered.

Update 09:20

The Student Service Desk (SSD) is once again available by phone. The Desk in hall E of the REC building is also open.

Update 08:55

REC BCD is still closed. It is still unclear when the building will open its doors. As a result of the power outage, the Student Service Desk is currently not available by phone.

Update 08:45

Planned lectures will continue as much as possible. An exception will be made in cases of mandatory attendance. Students should contact their programme for more information.

08:30: A power outage occurred across Amsterdam in the early hours of this morning. All UvA buildings, except for REC BCD, have since then been reconnected to the power supply. Public transport across the city is still not fully functional, and no trains are running to and from Amsterdam.