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The proposal for a new allocation model was well received, but has also raised questions, for instance, about the use of policy budgets. Discussion on this will continue in the coming months.

In late October 2016, the Allocation Model Working Group presented its final report entitled ‘Transparency and simplicity in funding: scope for policy’. This report is the result of a team effort between the working group, the representative advisory body and the academic community.

Based on this report and the proposals it contains on a new model, the Executive Board and the deans have recently studied the new allocation model and the way in which it can be implemented.

These conversations have resulted in some new questions, in particular about the division of capacity and policy budgets in relation to the variable use of government funding. A more fundamental discussion of the UvA's policy is therefore desirable before a decision on the proposal for a new allocation model can be taken. This has led to an adjustment of the timeline for the review of the allocation model.

The Executive Board and the deans intend to hold the policy discussions over the coming months. It is expected that the Executive Board will take a decision on the review of the allocation model in late 2017, at which point it can be presented to the representative advisory body for their consent. The aim is to implement the new allocation model with effect from the start of the 2019 budget year.