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On Wednesday 31 May, the UvA’s Rector Magnificus Karen Maex kicked off the UvA's first Education Day. Aimed at everyone involved in education, the event focus took its cue from the University's anniversary theme of 'Inspiring Generations'.

Four people talking on a couch during the 2017 UvA Education Day.
UvA Education Day

The 200 participants in the Education Day attended keynote speeches by speakers including Professor Denny Borsboom, who explored the question what makes an academic, and UvA student Mourad Farahat on the international classroom. Afterwards, they could choose from a range workshops on education-related topics.

Vision on Teaching and Learning as common thread

A common thread connecting all the day's activities was the updated Vision on Teaching and Learning that will be presented to the academic community in mid-June. 

In her opening address, Rector Magnificus Karen Maex said of it: 'The Vision on Teaching and Learning is incredibly important, providing a picture of how we want to shape our education together. Yet it is also merely a document, essentially just numbers and letters. Ultimately, the real beating heart and thinking brain of this University – that’s you. That's why I am so delighted that we have all gathered here today. Because, in the end, we all want the same thing. We want the best possible education for our students.'

Maex went on to assure her audience that the first UvA Education Day will by no means be the last. 'The UvA's Education Day is a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge about teaching and learning with each other. Next year, we will certainly be organising a second edition.'

The UvA celebrates 385 years of ‘Inspiring generations’

The UvA Education Day tied in with the theme of 'Inspiring Generations' that was chosen for the UvA's 385th anniversary year. This anniversary theme celebrates the University's past, its present and its future and fits perfectly with the development of the UvA's vision on teaching and learning.