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On Tuesday, 6 June, the Senate of the Dutch Parliament handled and approved the legislative bill ‘Promoting Internationalisation in Higher Education and Research’ (Bevordering internationalisering hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek). One of the bill’s proposals is an extension of the so-called ius promovendi, the right to supervise a PhD candidate. The extension of this right, which was only reserved for professors, will allow universities to also grant it to other research staff.

Foto: Eduard Lampe

Prof. Karen Maex, UvA rector magnificus and chair of the Doctorate Board: ‘In the current system, those who supervise a PhD do not always get recognition for their hard work despite the fact that they carry a huge responsibility in terms of providing supervision and are important for innovation within the disciplines. It is a good thing that Dutch universities will soon have the chance to address this.’

It is still unclear when the new law will come into force. In the meanwhile, the UvA’s Doctorate Regulations will be revised. The main changes have already been agreed on within the Doctorate Board. Further discussions within the UvA are still taking place and certain regulations must still be discussed and further elaborated.

The need to extend the right to ius promovendi differs between faculties and disciplines. This is why a general ius promovendi will be granted to all associate professors following which it will be the prerogative of the faculty deans to nominate an associate professor and oversee the quality (including sufficient experience as co-supervisor). In addition, the Doctorate Board can also under special circumstances grant ius promovendi to a university lecturer. The decision to do this will be at the sole discretion of the Doctorate Board.

The extension will take effect once the new law comes into force and the UvA’s Doctorate Regulations have been approved by the Doctorate Board.