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During the month of September, scholars from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) will treat passengers on the Amsterdam Noord ferry to mini lectures. Pop-up lectures will also be given for (international) travellers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Lustrum GvB pop-up

The free lectures are part of a series of activities celebrating the UvA’s 385th anniversary. With this special initiative, people can gain knowledge and get to know more about the UvA during their trip.

On workdays between 05:00 p.m. and 06:00 p.m. from 5 to 15 September, the ferry from Amsterdam Central Station to the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam Noord will transform into a FerrIJ of Learning. During the crossing, scholars will share their expertise on everything on and around the River IJ.

The ferry will cruise past the Palace of Justice and other new buildings along the river bank. From the ferry, you look out over Amsterdam Noord, which has grown into a hotspot in a relatively short period of time. The scholars will highlight various topics. What happens in the Palace? How clean is sailing? How will rising sea levels affect Amsterdam? What happened on the River IJ in the Dutch Golden Age? The first mini lecture, titled ‘Towards a new home port’, will be given by Professor Geert Janssen. An overview of all mini lectures and the scholars can be found on

The UvA at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

In the last week of September, international passengers at Schiphol will have the opportunity to attend a pop-up lecture in the waiting area, under the motto ‘let learning take flight’. The topics are again related to the location. How do you find your way around a busy airport, for example? Space and time: will we ever fly to the stars? In the absence of rules, we make unwritten ones; just look at the cyclists in Amsterdam. Were Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Vermeer already celebrities during their lifetimes?

Anniversaries and entertainment go hand in hand

The University of Amsterdam celebrates its 385th anniversary this year. Under the motto ‘Inspiring Generations’, subject-related gatherings will be held for interested parties, such as the Challenging Society Sessions, and festive activities for staff and students, citizens of Amsterdam and others wishing to attend. For example, everyone is welcome at the U Night on 18 November. More information and an overview of all activities can be found on