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PhD candidates make up the new generation of researchers. At the start of the University of Amsterdam’s anniversary year, a new type of grant was launched especially for this group of researchers: the UvA385 Grant. This is a grant that clearly meets a need, given the large number of applications. In order to continue the initiative of this grant after the anniversary year, a fundraising campaign will start this week in collaboration with the Amsterdam University Fund.

International experience

Researchers work in an international setting. So for their future career it is very important that young researchers gain international experience. However, going abroad is expensive. The research budgets of PhD candidates are often stretched and their resources are limited. This year, 22 PhD candidates received a UvA385 Grant. They will be undertaking research at renowned research institutes, allowing them to increase their knowledge and expand their international networks.

Two PhD candidates share their experiences

Noëlle Payton
Noëlle Payton, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law Photo: Jan Reinier van der Vliet)

‘For me, this grant is a real godsend, both for my research and for my development in the area of international academic work. External grants for PhD candidates are scarce and they are often limited to specific fields of study. I will use the grant at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations of Cornell University, a leading institute in my field, to collect data for my research into the choices that employers make in the organisation of work and to conduct case studies of companies in the USA.’

Dorinth van Dijk
Dorinth van Dijk, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Photo: Ineke Oostveen)

‘I am extremely pleased that I was awarded the grant because it gives me the opportunity to spend three months at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My doctoral thesis is focused on the Dutch housing and mortgage market. At MIT, I can carry out research using international data in the area of commercial property. My time in the USA not only allows me to deepen the content of my research, but also ensures that I can make a more balanced decision about my career path after I complete my PhD. Awarding grants to PhD candidates each year is important for increasing the possibilities of experience abroad.’

Continued support

The University of Amsterdam would like to continue supporting PhD candidates who do not have sufficient resources to gain experience abroad after this anniversary year. In order to create a special grant for PhD candidates, a fundraising campaign has been set up together with the Amsterdam University Fund. Donations can be made via the site of the Amsterdam University Fund. On this website you can also find information about the grant and about the PhD candidates who were selected this year.