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During the weekend of 7 and 8 October, more than 250 universities, institutes, organisations, museums and businesses will open their doors to the public. Attend a mini-lecture or take a guided tour of the Sleep Lab, join a cruise on the UvA research boat or take a voyage of discovery during the Faculty of Science’s open day at Science Park.

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Pop-up laboratory: the NS StationsLab

From 4 to 8 October, the IJ hall of Amsterdam Central Station will be transformed into a pop-up laboratory: the NS StationsLab. Led by Tonny Mulder of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Psychobiology students from the UvA and medical students from VU will explore how passengers travelling by train experience waiting.

Sleep Lab at Roeterseiland

Every day, brain and sleep researchers use the Sleep Lab to conduct research into brain activity during periods of rest. Also, the latest techniques are developed in the field of scientific research. But are these techniques also at an advanced enough stage to manipulate memory during sleep. Attend the mini-lecture and join a guided tour on Saturday, 7 October.

Open day at Science Park

Join a voyage of discovery through science and discover the university’s treasure chambers during the Faculty of Science’s open day.

The opening act is a musical piece from composer Rozalie Hirs, performed by musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam. During the performance, invisible aspects of string theory and the multiverse are illustrated with sound and images.

Take a cruise on the UvA research boat

Since July, the UvA has been the proud owner of its very own research boat, the RV Dreissena. In honour of Science Week, visitors can view the boat and even take a short cruise on Saturday, 7 October. Together with researchers from the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, samples will be taken of the waters around NEMO. What kinds of organisms live in the water in the very centre of the city.

UvA astronomers in NEMO

During Science Week, NEMO Science Museum will focus on the universe. For example, UvA astronomers will discuss a very special cosmic phenomenon: the pulsar. Also, Djoeke Schoonenberg and Lucas Ellerbroek will hold a special lecture on the search for extra-terrestrial life.