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The intake of new Bachelor’s student at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) has increased, preliminary figures show. With 6,271 new first-year students this year compared to 5,552 in the 2016-17 academic year, the increase is 14% and is comprised almost entirely of international students. The increase is based on initial figures as of 1 October 2017. The final figures will only be available in February 2018.

Credits: UvA

The intake at the Master’s level has remained almost unchanged compared to last year: 5,412 this year as opposed to 5,336 last year.

International students

The intake of international students at the Bachelor’s level has risen from 831 last year to 1,516 this year: an increase of 82%. Of the 1,516 new international Bachelor’s students, 1,068 are from the EU.

The intake is particularly large in Bachelor’s programmes where the language of instruction is (in some cases for the first time) English. These are: Business Administration (331 international students), Economics and Business (239), Communication Science (186), Political Science (113) and Media & Information (86). The foreign intake is also relatively large within the Bachelor’s programmes in Literary Studies and Linguistics with 62 and 31 international students respectively.   

There are 1,205 new international students at the Master’s level, 782 of whom are from the EU. Last year the figures stood at 1,273.

Total student numbers

The total number of enrolled students at the UvA has risen by 5% to 32,631. Last year, the UvA had a total of 30,988 enrolled students.