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The UvA has updated its Vision on Teaching and Learning. New challenges meant that the previous, 2012 version needed to be modified and further clarified. Four ambitions have been formulated which encapsulate the direction that the University intends to take in coming years.

College studenten
Photo by Sander Nieuwenhuys

The updated Vision on Teaching and Learning is the result of intensive consultation rounds within the UvA community.

The main themes of the previous Vision on Teaching and Learning will still apply. Education at the UvA is research-intensive, centred on academic development and serves to promote further differentiation and specialisation.

'I am happy with the updated Vision on Teaching and Learning', Rector Magnificus Karen Maex said. 'Important issues are addressed, such as the equal value of teaching and research, the University's accessibility, research-intensive education and our decision to focus on blended learning. This Vision on Teaching and Learning will allow the University to make great strides in coming years.'

Four ambitions

Following the consultation rounds within the UvA community – which involved such things as round-table discussions and feedback resulting from the 'Denk Mee' consultation platform – four ambitions were formulated.

  1. The UvA will focus on the development of motivated and ambitious students, by offering high-quality, innovative education.
  2. The UvA is a broad, research-intensive university that helps its students to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need to flourish in an increasingly complex world.
  3. The UvA strives to be an open and diverse community in which all students feel at home and have access to the same opportunities.
  4. The UvA assigns responsibility for its education to lecturers where possible, focusing intensively on support, knowledge sharing and the professionalism of its lecturers.