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Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) and insurance company VIVAT are opening a joint insurance research lab. The aim is to apply advanced techniques in mathematics, statistics, computer science and artificial intelligence within the insurance sector.

Professor Karen Maex (Rector Magnificus, UvA) and Ron van Oijen (CEO of VIVAT). Photo: ADS

Research areas

The joint initiative by ADS and VIVAT (the parent company of insurers Zwitserleven and Reaal, among others) will focus on data science, fraud detection, predictions, text mining, multi-touchpoint analysis, evaluation methods and learning algorithms. PhD candidates will carry out research in the following three defined areas:

  • Customer value models
  • Fraud detection
  • Customer acquisition and Multi-touchpoint Customer Journey

Access to state-of-the-art knowledge

Ron van Oijen, CEO of VIVAT: 'At VIVAT we want to make life easier for our customers and offer them products and services that suit their personal lifestyle. Collaborating with the knowledge institutes of Amsterdam Data Science gives us the opportunity to develop and apply new technologies within our field. By working closely together, VIVAT not only gains access to state-of-the-art knowledge, but also to talent and the possibility of working with researchers on VIVAT’s challenges. This makes us, as a financial service provider, even better equipped to offer our customers the best possible service. And this allows us to distinguish ourselves from the competition.'

Practical data

Marc Salomon, management team member of Amsterdam Data Science and dean of the Amsterdam Business School (UvA): 'At Amsterdam Data Science we feel it is important to work on issues that are relevant to society and the environment. The partnership with VIVAT creates the possibility to work with unique data. In addition, VIVAT is open to conducting research into real innovations. This combination is ideal as it allows us to carry out high-quality and innovative research and also adds a positive and innovative diemension to the content of our educational programmes, for example by involving students who write their thesis in research within the VIVAT lab'.