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A team from the UvA has been named joint winner of Universitas 21's 2018 Global Ingenuity Challenge (GIC) for KarmaPickUp, an app designed to reduce food waste.

The GIC is an online competition, sponsored by Universitas 21, that challenges undergraduate students to find solutions to real-life problems. The 2018 theme was Global Issues.


KarmaPickUp is an app that connects companies or individuals in the Amsterdam regionwith leftover food to people who can use it. With nearly 25% of food currently being wasted, this addresses an important global challenge.

Clean water from the sun

The other winning team, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, designed a solar-driven, distillation based method for producing clean, desalinated water.

You can view video pitches for the winning projects and all the other entries on the Universitas 21 site: