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Three UvA researchers who recently obtained their PhD will carry our research at a foreign research institute with a Rubicon grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Rubicon programmes gives promising young researchers the opportunity to gain international research experience.

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A total of 88 researchers applied for a Rubicon grant, 20 of which were successful.

The recipients

Colet te Grotenhuis (Chemistry): Phosphorus Catalysis to Induce Dexterity

Spatial arrangement is immensely important for medicines. Often one version is a medicine, while the other version is toxic. Te Grotenhuis is going to synthesise medicines in their pure form with the aid of an environmentally-friendly, inexpensive phosphorus catalyst.

Stephan Jagau (Economics): Reason within Passions: Towards an Economic Theory of Emotions

Emotions like guilt, anger, and anxiety are a key part of what holds together the fabric of human societies. Jagau will develop a general mathematical theory of emotions in social interaction. Theoretical results are validated using behavioural and neurological experiments.

Sietske van Viersen (Child Development and Education): Does Reading Slowly Reduce Comprehension?

While reading sentences we need to recognise words quickly and be able to understand the words in conjunction with one another. Van Viersen’s research will investigate the reciprocal impact of reading words and comprehension and how these reciprocal processes can differ between children.