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The intake of new bachelor’s students at the UvA has increased again this academic year. With 6,779 new first-year students this year compared to 6,263 first-years during the 2017-18 academic year, this translates to an increase of 8%. Compared to last year, the intake at the Master’s level has risen by 4% – 5,578 this academic year compared to 5,348 last year. The total number of enrolled students at the UvA has risen by 5% to 34,183 – last year a total of 32,594 students were enrolled at the UvA. These concern the provisional numbers as on 7 October 2018. The final numbers will be announced in February 2019.

The increase in the intake of new Bachelor’s students is particularly noticeable at the Faculty of Law – from 646 to 796 (+23%), the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences – from 1,366 to 1,619 (+19%) and the Faculty of Humanities – from 1059 to 1173 (11%).

EI: First-years Institution (students who have enrolled at the UvA for the first time, excluding ‘switchers’ and pre-Master’s students) EOI First-years Programme Institution (students who have enrolled in a specific programme for the first time, including students who take a Bachelor’s at the UvA)

Majority of new international students from EU

The increase in the intake numbers at the Bachelor’s level is primarily due to a rise in the number of new international Bachelor’s students. The intake of new international students in the Bachelor’s programmes has risen from 1,517 during the previous academic year to 1,993 this year – an increase of 31%. The majority of the 1,993 new international Bachelor’s students is from the European Union: 1,403. The number of new Dutch Bachelor’s students has risen slightly by 1% – from 4,746 to 4,786.

Most of the English-taught Bachelor’s programmes have seen an increase in their international student intake: European Studies – from 69 to 89 (+29%), Media and Information – from 87 to 136 (+56%), Linguistics – from 31 to 44 (+42%), Communication Science – from 187 to 213 (+14%) and Political Science – from 114 to 163 (+43%).

The Bachelor’s programmes in Psychology and Sociology, which since this year have an English-taught variant, have 249 and 41 international first-year students respectively. The total number of new Bachelor’s students in Psychology is 457, and in Sociology 108.

Enrolments as opposed to registrations

The intake of first-year students at the Faculty of Economics and Business has risen by 4%, from 1,469 last year to 1,526 this year. These figures differ substantially from the registration numbers, which indicated an increase of more than 50%.

Master’s intake

The increase in the number of new Master’s students is particularly noticeable at the Faculty of Science – from 992 to 1,124 (+13%) and the Faculty of Law – from 622 to 681 (+9%).

At the Master’s level, there are 1,325 new international students (897 of whom are from the EU) this academic year as opposed to 1,208 last year. This is an increase of 10%.