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For the third edition of the 'Create a Course Challenge' the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) received 26 entries. By voting on your top 3, you will partly determine which course will be offered next year as an interdisciplinary elective course at the UvA. Up to 15 November you can cast in your vote. The five proposals with the most votes will eventually go to the final on Thursday, 29 November.

In recent months, students were given the opportunity to send in a proposal for a new interdisciplinary elective course. A total of 49 students submitted their idea and 26 of them further developed this idea into a course. The programme committee of the Create a Course Challenge has now selected a top 10, based on interdisciplinarity, social relevance and creativity.

The final

During the final a jury determines which entry will win and will be rewarded with the realisation of the course. The winner can then immediately start as a student-assistant of their very own course. Do you want to determine which elective is offered next academic year? Then vote for your favorite subject and visit the finals on Thursday, December 14, 17: 00-19:00 in the hall of the Oudemanhuispoort. After the finals we all toast to the winner!

Winner last year

Last year the 'challenge' was won by Lottie Bakker (student of Clinical Psychology and Dramaturgy) and Katty Gerez (student of General Culture Studies and Comparative) with their subject ‘De veelstemmigheid van waanzin’ (the Polyphony of Madness' red.).