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The UvA Executive Board has appointed Iris Kingma, a Sociology Master’s student, as student assessor at the University of Amsterdam. Kingma will take up the post on Wednesday, 2 January 2019. The appointment is for one year.

Student Assessor 2019
Iris Kingma (photo: Sacha Palies)

Kingma succeeds Moataz Rageb, who held the post in 2018. As student assessor, Kingma will take part in meetings on central policy, particularly when it concerns teaching or student-related matters. She will participate in meetings of the Executive Board, will act as advisor to the Board, and place items for discussion on the administrative agenda. Kingma will carry out her duties in close contact with students inside and outside the representative bodies, thereby acting as a link between students and the Board.

The appointments committee, comprising members of the Central Student Council (CSR), the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, believes Kingma has all the necessary qualifications to successfully fulfil the role of student assessor. ‘Iris not only has experience in an administrative capacity and with the representative bodies, but is also actively involved in social initiatives beyond the university. She has shown herself to be a devoted, socially engaged student, says Karen Maex, UvA rector magnificus and chair of the appointments committee. 

‘To me the UvA is a place where my thoughts can run free and where I always discover new perspectives, says Kingma. ‘This is partly because of the excellent lecturers, but also because of my fellow students, who made me feel right at home as a new resident of Amsterdam. As student assessor, I will work hard at ensuring the UvA is such a place for everyone, one where students and lecturers learn from one another and where each and every student feels welcome and safe.’

‘Having served as a member of the faculty student council, I know how important it is to communicate properly about UvA policy. This is why I will strive to maintain good contacts with students inside and outside the representative bodies. I am always open to a good conversation and fresh perspectives, so don’t hesitate to mail me your questions.’

About Iris Kingma

After first taking a Bachelor’s in Political Science at the UvA, Kingma is now doing the Gender, Sexuality and Society track of the Master’s programme in Sociology. In the first half of 2017, she took part in an Erasmus exchange programme at the international research university Science Po in Paris for a semester.

During the 2017-18 academic year, Kingma was involved in the Faculty Student Council of the UvA’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. She has also been active outside the UvA. She was, among other things, treasurer of Mevrouw Cous, an organisation dedicated to helping women integrate in Dutch society, develop their Dutch language skills and acquaint them with the work culture. She was also active within Machiavelli, the study association of the Political Science programme, as vice-chair of the Presidium. Kingma also does volunteer work, for example by acting as a math tutor to children and by hosting the photo exposition ‘Pride Photo Award’, aimed at representing gender and sexual diversity in all its forms.