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The positive assessment that the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) issued to the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the Institutional Quality Assurance Audit has become final. This assessment is the best result that can be achieved. While the UvA had already known of its positive assessment since late 2018, the opinion of the assessment panel became final following the official decision that the NVAO made on 18 April.


‘In the view of the panel, there is a lot of development potential in the direction taken by the UvA’, the advisory report stated. ‘The way in which the UvA is promoting the realisation of its vision on teaching and learning befits the institution. Its education is evaluated in a systematic manner and its reporting systems are excellent. As a result, it is making structural investments to improve its teaching.’

‘I would like to congratulate every university employee who is involved in daily quality assurance on this wonderful result. Special gratitude is due to all colleagues who have assisted in substantive and logistical preparations for the institutional audit or who participated in any interviews with the assessment panel’, said Rector Magnificus Karen Maex in a response.

UvA complies with all four standards

The institutional audit comprised a panel of independent experts who investigated whether the UvA's internal quality assurance system and quality culture safeguard the achievement of the UvA's vision on proper teaching. According to the panel, the UvA complies with all four assessment standards, which encompass vision and policy, implementation, evaluation and monitoring, and focus on development. The advisory report also contains a number of recommendations, pertaining among other things to aspects of the vision on teaching and learning as well as the relationship with the professional field. Over the period ahead, the UvA will consider the best way to follow up on these recommendations.

The voluntary institutional audit is separate from the assessment and accreditation of degree programmes. In the six years to follow, the finalised positive assessment will allow the UvA to continue using the framework for ‘limited’ programme assessment, which reduces the administrative burden associated with these assessments. The NVAO panel will return for the final time during autumn 2019, when it will assess the UvA's plans for the quality agreements. 

The report is available to download in Dutch: