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Fred Weerman, dean of the Faculty of Humanities, has announced that he will not be available for a second term as dean. His term will expire on 1 September 2021. The procedure for recruiting a new dean is currently being prepared. The faculty Student Council and Works Council will be closely involved in the procedure.

Fred Weerman (photo: Bob Bronshoff)
Fred Weerman (photo: Bob Bronshoff)

‘When I started this job on 1 September 2016, my intention was to do it, just like my four predecessors, for no more than one term,’ says Weerman in his signature Fredvlog for faculty employees. ‘After that there will be time for a few other projects, just before my now quickly approaching retirement in the autumn of 2024.’

In the past five years, the faculty has been able to end a period of cutbacks, and there are now plans for investment. For example, a new research building is being constructed and 30 new assistant professors will be appointed this year. The faculty is also working on strengthening social safety, partly as a result of two recent cases.

Responding to the news, Geert ten Dam, president of the Executive Board, said: ‘For five years, Fred has devoted himself wholeheartedly to teaching and research in the Humanities. The faculty had a difficult period with a declining number of students and substantial cutbacks. Fred has made an important contribution to renewing and broadening the humanities and putting them firmly back on the map. Above all, he is a warm person and an exceptionally committed colleague. We will miss him as dean, but fortunately he’ll be with us at the UvA for a few more years yet.’