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Henkjan Honing, professor of Music Cognition at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), has been awarded the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship 2013/14. As a fellow, Honing will spend a year conducting interdisciplinary research into the cognitive and biological mechanisms that make up musicality.

Prof Henkjan Honing, professor Music cognition

The award is an initiative of the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study for Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS) and the Lorentz Center.

Honing will conduct research into, among other things, musicality and sense of rhythm among elephants, monkeys and cockatoos, and their importance in understanding the evolutionary origins of musicality in humans.

About the Fellowship

The Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship (DLF) is an annual award for a scientist who bridges the gap between the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences in a unique way. The DLF consists of a residential fellowship at NIAS in Wassenaar, an international workshop at the Lorentz Center, and €10,000 in personal prize money. The chairman of the NIAS-Lorentz Advisory Board will hand out the prize to Prof. Honing in Wassenaar on 17 April 2013.