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The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) has issued a positive assessment of the UvA’s quality assurance in education. The NVAO awarded the UvA top marks in all five assessment criteria – vision, policy, results, improvement policy and organisational and decision-making structure.

The NVAO conducted the Institutional Quality Assurance Assessment at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in February and April of this year. In its advisory report, the NVAO audit committee notes that it was ‘impressed by the convincing manner in which the UvA has demonstrated its commitment to enduring change and its effective control over quality assurance in its programmes’.

According to the committee, the UvA’s vision on teaching and learning is not only known and supported throughout the entire organisation, it is also acted upon. The committee described the UvA’s educational policy as ambitious, but realistic and consistent. The UvA systematically monitors results and judiciously translates these into critical conclusions. Drives to improve the organisation – including the introduction of research-intensive programmes and measures to promote an ambitious study environment – are implemented in a purposeful and consistent manner. Finally, the committee finds the UvA’s organisational and decision-making structure to be transparent and performing effectively.

The committee also identifies areas for improvement, such as the workload of lecturers and study advisers in particular, and makes various recommendations to this end. These recommendations reflect the UvA’s own existing assessment of its weaker points.

Professor Dymph van den Boom, the UvA’s Rector Magnificus, is very pleased with the outcome of the Institutional Assessment: ‘The NVAO’s positive assessment confirms we’re on the right track with our educational policies and existing measures, and that we have an effective quality assurance system. That’s something we can all be proud of here at the UvA.’