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Professor Marc Salomon has been appointed Chair of the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) effective 1 March 2013. ABS is the business school of the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Economics and Business.

Marc Salomon, professor Management and Organization

Salomon has also been appointed professor of Management of Professional Service Firms. This sector, comprising e.g. accountancy firms, law firms and management consultants is considered vital to the Dutch economy and Amsterdam in particular. 

ABS offers Dutch and English language bachelor’s and master’s programmes in business studies and business economics. The school also offers an international MBA and executive programmes for the corporate sector and government. 

FEB dean Han van Dissel is very pleased with the appointment: ‘Marc Salomon has proven himself both in the business community and the academic world. I’m convinced that with his contribution, we will realise our ambition of becoming a leading international business school’. 

Salomon: ‘What makes the Faculty of  Economics and Business attractive – in addition to its central location in Amsterdam – is mainly the presence of influential economists like Arnoud Boot, Mirjam van Praag, Alexander Rinnooy Kan and Sweder van Wijnbergen. Prominent academics like these are a source of inspiration to students and researchers. My first priority will bet to bring in more people like them and to attract young talent to the school. I also have another wish. Within both professional service firms and the financial sector, there is great demand for people able to combine legal and business  expertise. That is why I want to quickly start up a dual degree programme with the Law School. Students can earn two degrees: one in business and one in law. Finally, I want to make the business community in Amsterdam and the ABS more aware of what each has to offer so they can benefit from working together.’

About Marc Salomon

Prior to joining the University of Amsterdam, Marc Salomon was COO at the law firm Stibbe (2004-2013) and COO and Director of Research at McKinsey & Company (1998-2004). He was director of the Center for Applied Mathematics at Rabobank (1996-1998) and from 1996 to 2005 he was also professor of Operational Research at Tilburg University. 

Salomon studied Econometrics at the VU University Amsterdam and obtained his doctorate in Business Studies and Operational Research from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

He has had numerous articles published in leading journals such as Operations Research, Management Science, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Transportation Science, Interfaces and California Management Review.