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Four academics at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have issued a declaration speaking out against the large-scale collection of data by intelligence services.

Security camera

They are calling on national authorities to take action and protect citizens from this ‘mass surveillance’ by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies. More than 400 academics from 28 countries have already added their names to the growing list of signatures on the declaration.

Titled ‘Academics Against Mass Surveillance’, the declaration is an initiative  of professor of Ethics Beate Roessler, the Institute of Information Law’s Nico van Eijk, and PhD students Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius and Manon Oostveen. The declaration follows a string of recent revelations about the activities of the American National Security Agency (NSA) and its partners. The academics contend that ‘the world is under an unprecedented level of surveillance’, which has now grown to such a scale that the presumption of innocence has turned into the presumption of guilt. According to the academics, the intelligence services are guilty of violating human rights and subverting democracy.