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Following up on last year’s strong performance, the University of Amsterdam has risen in the latest THE World Reputation Rankings 2014.

THE World Reputation Rankings

In the THE Rankings, which is a list of the 100 universities with the best reputations worldwide, the UvA is listed in the group 71-80, making it the second highest rated Dutch university. Last year, the UvA was still in group 81-90.

The THE World Reputation Rankings is compiled with questionnaires completed by more than 10, 000 scholars and scientists from 133 countries. In the annual THE World University Rankings, the overall ranking of academic quality which was published in October 2013, the UvA stood at number 83.

Harvard University holds first place in the THE World Reputation Rankings 2014, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University in second and third place respectively. In total, there are four Dutch universities in the top 100: Delft University of Technology (position 42), the UvA (71-80), Leiden University (81-90) and Utrecht University (81-90). From position 51, range groups are used because the differences in scores are too small.