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Huawei, a global ICT solutions provider, and the University of Amsterdam have joined forces to offer the first ‘Telecom Seeds for the Future’ programme in the Netherlands.

Kick-off-evenement-telecom-seeds-for-the-future- CEO Huawei samen met Louise Gunning
L-R: Louise Gunning-Schepers, Wonder Wang. Photos: Hanne Nijhuis.

The programme, which was officially launched on Monday, 16 June, will give UvA students the unique opportunity to develop their ICT skills and industry expertise, while also helping them gain experience in cross-cultural work practices and introducing them to Chinese culture. Among the guests who attended the launch were representatives from the Amsterdam Municipality and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Through the programme, Huawei is investing in the next generation of ICT leaders and helping them to prepare for the technology-driven future. 

Strict selection

Top students in the fields of Science & ICT and Economics & Business encountered a strict selection procedure during the past several weeks. A total of 15 students were selected on the basis of  their resume, grades, letters of motivation and a short introductory video. These students will travel to China next month. To help them prepare for their trip, Huawei will organise an in-house day at the Huawei Exhibition Center in Amstelveen, during which the students will be introduced to Huawei’s corporate culture and have a workshop – organised by the UvA – in Chinese culture.

In China, the students will have a cultural immersion course at the Beijing University of Language and Culture, where they will learn the basics of the Chinese language and receive an introduction to Chinese culture. Moreover, they will also get hands-on experience and gain new technical expertise at Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen. After completion of an ICT assignment, the students will receive certificates from Huawei and study points from the UvA. 

Knowledge and culture

‘Hiring talented employees with ICT knowledge is crucial for the innovation and growth of the ICT industry’, explains Wang Dexian, CEO of Huawei Technologies Netherlands.‘As a leading country in ICT technologies, the Netherlands cannot miss out on the new generation to fill ICT vacancies. Education and training are therefore crucial factors. Huawei’s Telecom Seeds for the Future programme is helping to provide that and also gives students the opportunity to experience the culture of Chinese by increasing their perspectives and supporting a cultural exchange.'

Louise Gunning-Schepers, president of the UvA’s Executive Board, elaborates:The globalisation of the labour market is creating growing demand for highly trained staff with international and intercultural competences, and international academic or work experience. By joining forces with Huawei, our students have a unique opportunity to broaden their cultural horizon, but also to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Huawei. This definitely gives them a head start in their professional careers.’

The students with Rijk van Ark (Amsterdam Municipality), Louise Gunning-Schepers, Wonder Wang and Fang Qingchao (Chinese embassy).

About Telecom Seeds for the Future

In cooperation with leading universities and local partners, Huawei developed the ‘Telecom Seeds for the Future’ programme. Huawei currently cooperates with more than 70 universities in more than 20 different countries.