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On Thursday, 5 June, ABN AMRO CEO Gerrit Zalm will be a guest on Room for Discussion, the discussion platform for economics students at the University of Amsterdam. The former Minister of Finance was appointed to the board of ABN AMRO to restore its former status as a solid, reliable bank. Did he succeed? Is the bank ready for flotation? The Room for Discussion debates are held at the Amsterdam Academic Club (AAC) and will continue until the summer break.

Room for Discussion

Up until 2008, ABN AMRO was one of the jewels of the Dutch business sector. Under the leadership of former chairman Rijkman Groenink, ABN AMRO was well on the way to becoming a major player in the world of global finance – an ambition that ultimately failed unfortunately. Things went wrong in 2007 following several ill-fated takeovers by ABN AMRO and a hostile takeover bid of the bank itself. ABN AMRO was in such poor condition that the Dutch government felt forced to nationalise the company.

Room for Discussion

Room for Discussion is a weekly interview programme for and by students of the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Economics and Business. Students interview Dutch academics, politicians, businesspeople and opinion leaders in front of a large audience in a specially designed ‘living room’. Former guests on Room for Discussion have included DNB president Klaas Knot, and former Minister of Finance Jan-Kees de Jager. 

Time and place

The debate with Gerrit Zalm will take place on Thursday, 5 June at 12:30.

Amsterdamse Academische Club (AAC)

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 235
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