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In a meeting with representatives of De Nieuwe Universiteit on Monday, 23 March, the UvA’s Executive Board offered to make the hall of the Maagdenhuis building available every day between 09:00 and 21:00 for debates and events.

During the meeting, Hans Amman, speaking on behalf of the Executive Board, stressed the Board’s responsibility for the safety of students and staff within the building. This is why it is essential that the Board supervises the building.

In addition, he expressed the view that the occupation is a disproportional measure, especially now that the Board has made far-reaching commitments and has presented a 10-point plan that vigorously addresses the concerns of the academic community.

The Executive Board requested the meeting because of increasing concerns about the safety within and damage to the Maagdenhuis. Every day, rooms are opened that were supposed to remain closed, sensitive information is openly accessible to all and sundry, doors and furniture are damaged and inventory disappears. Moreover, the general state and mood make it impossible for staff to resume their work within the building.

In response, the DNU stated that it had appropriated the building, that it would not relinquish control of this ‘means of coercion’, and wishes to come to an arrangement concerning safety and cleaning. Staff members who work in the building would be allowed to retrieve their files once a week.

The DNU delegation also said that it would report back to the General Assembly and would notify the Executive Board on 25 March about whether further agreements could be made on the supervision of the Maagdenhuis.