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As of January 2010, Jean L. Johnson was appointed Professor of Marketing Strategy at the Amsterdam Business School.

As of January 2010, Jean L. Johnson was appointed Professor of Marketing Strategy at the Amsterdam Business School.

Prior to this, Professor Johnson was the Gardner O. Hart Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Washington State University and she also served as Professor of Marketing at the University of Rhode Island. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska in 1988 in marketing with the emphasis on inter-firm relationships.

Her major research interests focus on domestic and cross-cultural marketing relationships between firms. Johnson studies knowledge acquisition and management in inter-firm relationships, the role of inter-firm relationships in innovation and new product development, the development of strategic partnering capablities in marketing inter-firm buyer-seller relationships, and the strategic role of inter-firm partnerering for firms.

Prof. Johnson's research has appeared in leading marketing and business journals, research monographs, and conferences. She serves on the editorial boards of several leading marketing journals including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. She is a past editorial board member of The Journal of World Business. Johnson's consulting activities on strategic marketing relationships between firms include projects for the Japanese government, for the State of Washington, and for several private firms in the US Pacific Northwest.

She has been awarded a number of competitive grants including those from the Marketing Science Institute, Institute for the Study of Business Markets, and the Direct Marketing Policy Center. Before beginning her academic career, Johnson spent a number of years as a market researcher/analyst in the advertising industry. She has lived and taught in several different countries (e.g., the USA, France and Japan) as well as working on research projects in those countries.

At the Amsterdam Business School, Prof. Johnson will teach strategic marketing at undergraduate and graduate levels as well as special topics seminars on alliancing, distribution channel management, and inter-firm buyer-seller marketing relationships. She will work with Ph.D. students helping to develop dissertation research on marketing strategy topics particularly related to marketing inter-firm relationships.