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Dr M.W.M. Jaspers (1959) has been appointed Professor of Medical Informatics at the University of Amsterdam (AMC-UvA) Faculty of Medicine.

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Dr M.W.M. Jaspers (1959) has been appointed Professor of Medical Informatics at the University of Amsterdam
(AMC-UvA) Faculty of Medicine.

Monique Jaspers is specialised in researching the cognitive, human-machine and socio-technological factors that influence the utility, acceptance and successful implementation of interactive healthcare technologies. This area of research is crucial in view of both the large investments needed to introduce these technologies and the history of failed system implementations. For interactive healthcare technologies to be broadly accepted, the system must be designed to link up with the information-processing procedures and daily workflow of healthcare professionals. The ease and efficiency with which healthcare professionals can go about their tasks largely depends on the system design, and the interaction structure and interactive care technology in particular. The degree to which these technologies can be embedded in daily workflows is a significant factor in determining user acceptance and patient safety. Jaspers will be broadening her research scope in the years ahead, with studies at the AMC’s clinical departments and with other Dutch and international partners. These efforts will be supported by the newly-established Centre of Human Factors Engineering of Health Information Technology (HIT lab). Initiated and led by Jaspers, in the coming years the HIT lab is also to become an educational learning environment for Medical Informatics students.

Jaspers also holds joint responsibility for the content and quality of the Dutch and English curricula of the UvA’s Medical Informatics programme. In this capacity, she will help formulate programme renewals and ensure that the curricula continue to link in with national and international developments and prevailing standards within the field of study.

Jaspers has worked at the AMC since 1992, first as university lecturer, from 2002 as university senior lecturer, and from 2011 as the deputy head of the Clinical Informatics department. Having served several terms as vice-chair (1994-2010), in 2010 Jaspers was named chair of the educational institute for Medical Informatics. She is the recipient of various research grants, including a grant from the Dutch Cancer Society and the EU SOCRATES/ERASMUS programme. In 2001 she initiated the foundation of the International Partnership in Health Informatics Education (IPHIE), a transatlantic consortium of six European and US universities. She holds various board and advisory positions, including in the Human Factors and Ergonomics of Medical Informatics international working groups at the European Federation of Medical Informatics, and at the International Medical Informatics Association. Jaspers is a member of the editorial board of several international journals and her research has been published in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, International Journal of Medical Informatics and others.