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B.J. de Kloet (1967) has been appointed Professor of Globalisation at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Prof J. de Kloet

Jeroen de Kloet explores processes of globalisation, especially those taking place within the context of East Asia. As Professor of Globalisation, de Kloet will in the coming years set his sights on expanding and drawing international attention to the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies (ACGS). De Kloet will hereby be responsible for assembling and promoting globalisation research at the Faculty. In his own research, de Kloet will analyse multiple sectors within the Chinese creative industry, including reality TV, fashion, contemporary art and fake art, and relate their emergence to the globalised discourse of the creative industry and the creative city. Added to this, de Kloet will also prepare a project about slowness and globalisation, as well as gender, the creative classes and urban change in Shanghai.

De Kloet is co-editor of Compatriots: On Distant Belongings and Close Encounters (Rodopi 2007), in which cosmopolitanism and patriotism aren’t viewed as direct opposites, but actually as complimenting one another. His monograph China With a Cut – Globalisation, Urban Youth and Popular Music (Amsterdam University Press) was released in 2010, and will this year also be published in Chinese. In it, de Kloet illustrates, inter alia, the way in which the globalisation of popular music causes tensions with regard to authenticity, locality and cultural identity. In partnership with Yiu Fai Chow, de Kloet authored the book Sonic Multiplicities – Hong Kong Pop and the Global Circulation of Sound and Image, which is released this fall by Intellect Publishing. This book examines the material, ideological, and geopolitical implications of music production and consumption in the postcolonial context of Hong Kong. The authors show how the ambivalent position of Hong Kong and its embedding within a global web of musical currents, could possibly challenge the rise of China and its nationalism.

De Kloet has been assistant professor at the Department of Media Studies of the UvA since 2005, and is a member of the Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Analysis (ASCA). He is also coordinator of the research priority area ‘Cultural Transformations and Globalisation’. In 2007 De Kloet received a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for his research into the Beijing Olympics. For several years now, he has also been the coordinator of the Lausanne Summer School in Asian Studies of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, Switzerland. De Kloet is the author of many academic publications, especially in the field of China Studies and popular culture.