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Dr A.A.M. Schrauwen (1962) has been appointed Professor of European Integration, in particular citizenship law and history at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Law.

mw. prof. dr. Schrauwen

Annette Schrauwen is conducting research into European law and the history of European integration. Her research focuses specifically on the development of citizenship and the rights and obligations associated with citizenship. The European Union, Europe’s most developed integration project, has implemented a Union citizenship that casts new light on traditional views of citizenship and the relationship between the state and its citizens.


Of key importance in Schrauwen’s research are questions regarding the significance of Union citizenship for the structuring of social amenities such as social assistance and student loans and grants, the structuring of the political system and questions that consider the influence of Union citizenship on loyalty and identity as elements of national citizenship. Schrauwen intends to pursue this line of research further in the years to come. In addition, Schrauwen will consider the question of whether Union citizenship, as an expression of a constitutional bond between citizens and an international organisation, should induce us to reconsider how we define citizenship in an era of increasing migration and globalisation.


Schrauwen has held a number of positions at the UvA since 1995. Since 2004, Schrauwen has worked as a senior university lecturer in European Law at the Faculty of Law and since 2007 she has chaired the Department of public international and European Law and European Law. Schrauwen has co-authored a number of books and is co-editor of the journal Legal Issues of Economic Integration. She has published in national and international journals, such as SEW, Tijdschrift voor Europees en Economisch Recht (the Dutch/Belgian Journal for European and Economic Law), The Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative LawFordham International Law Journal en Common Market Law Review.