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Dr M. Kremer (1969) has been named professor by special appointment of Active Citizenship at the University Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. This special chair has been established by the Active Citizenship Foundation.

Kramer, Monique, FMG
Photo: Dirk Gillissen

Monique Kremer’s research at the UvA focuses on citizens in the welfare state. In recent decades, there have been major demographic changes, with the population living longer, becoming better educated and growing more ethnically diverse. The welfare state is also undergoing an unprecedented transformation, in which decentralisation and participation are keywords. Kremer is researching the impact this is having on active citizenship, in particular as it pertains to long-term care. Her research work includes exploring questions such as: how do changing citizens and changing welfare states interact? Who is or is not considered a citizen? What makes citizens involved? Kremer’s research is mainly comparative in the European context or qualitative in nature. 

Kremer has served as a senior academic staff member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy since 2004, working on such research projects as ‘How unequal is the Netherlands?’ (2014) and ‘Making Migration Work’ (2014). She is currently coordinating the ‘Future of Work’ project and is involved in the ‘Middle Classes under Pressure?’ project. As a researcher, Kremer has held positions at the UvA, Utrecht University and the Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare. She has published several books on the welfare state, including ‘How Welfare States Care’ and ‘ Vreemden in de verzorgingsstaat: Hoe arbeidsmigratie en sociale zekerheid te combineren’ (‘Foreigners in the welfare state: How to combine labour  migration and social security’) (Boom/Lemma, 2013). Kremer received the award for Best Young Sociologist from the European Sociological Association in 2007.