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Professor F.C. Amant (1967) has been appointed professor of Gynaecological Oncology at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA). Amant will combine the chair with an appointment at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the University of Leuven (KU Leuven).

Prof Frédéric Amant
Credits: Dirk Gillissen

Frédéric Amant is specialised in cancer in pregnancy and in techniques that do not harm female fertility. He focuses on the treatment and, more specifically, on the surgery of tumours of the female reproductive system. Amant is particularly interested in modifying the treatment based on the biological characteristics of cancer. His aim is to centralise Gynaecological Oncology in Amsterdam in one location with respect to quality of care, clinical and fundamental research, and a more efficient use of time and resources.   

As professor of Gynaecological Oncology, Amant will work on further developing research in the Netherlands into the effects of cancer treatment on the foetus. He will expand his ongoing research projects on uterine cancer and will facilitate research done by fellow staff members. In addition, he will be involved in teaching in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of the AMC and VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) within the area of normal and abnormal anatomy of organs and structures in the abdomen and the small pelvis, as well as in the training of gynaecologists specialising in gynaecological oncology and of nursing specialists.

Amant is a gynaecological oncologist and professor at KU Leuven, where he heads the Gynaecological Oncology research group. He is also a member of the Netherlands Cancer Institute. As professor, Amant is affiliated with the University of Bergen and the University of Pretoria. In addition, he has a seat on the scientific committee of the European Medicine Agency (EMA) and is founding chair of the International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy (INCIP). In 2015, he was awarded a research grant from the European Research Council (ERC).