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Dr P. Kroos has been named professor of Management Control at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Economics and Business.

Prof Peter Kroos

Peter Kroos conducts research into how businesses can use their management accounting systems to ensure that objectives are met as much as possible. He focuses on the use of performance measurement, targets and performance-based remuneration, and works to identify situations in which these instruments contribute – to a greater or lesser extent – to the realisation of corporate objectives. Kroos’ previous research projects focused, among other subjects, on determining how the introduction of clawback provisions (which allow businesses to reclaim money paid out to senior managers) affects the remuneration policy of executive managers.

As professor at the UvA, Kroos is currently assessing how these targets can contribute to a consistently positive customer experience and how businesses are working to improve the feasibility of these targets. He is also focused on internal forecasting practices within corporations.

About Peter Kroos

Kroos has been affiliated with the UvA since 2011, and has been an associate professor since 2016. Kroos has served as programme director of the Executive Master's in Finance & Control since 2017. He also coordinates the Limperg Managerial Accounting PhD programme. The programme is a joint initiative by researchers working in the field of Accounting at the UvA and various other Dutch universities, whereby visiting researchers from US business schools give lectures. Kroos served as a visiting faculty member at the University of Washington from 2013 to 2014. He has published in numerous leading scientific journals including the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Management Science, The Accounting Review, and Accounting, Organizations and Society. Kroos previously worked at VU University Amsterdam and Tilburg University and served as a consultant at Deloitte Management & ICT Consultants.