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Coronavirus: Buildings and facilities


  • Do I need to wear a face mask on campus or in UvA buildings?

    Starting 25 September, you don't have to wear a face mask on campus anymore. If you feel uncomfortable without a face mask, however, it goes without saying that you can still wear one. If someone asks you if you are willing to wear one because of their concern, we hope you show leniency towards their request.

  • Is it safe to work and study inside UvA-buildings?

    We will continue to take additional measures in the area of hygiene. These include walking routes, maximum ventilation, additional cleaning efforts and disinfection facilities.

    Inside the buildings, the signage has been adjusted to meet the latest COVID-measures. It is now aimed at supporting the building’s natural flow of traffic, as originally intended by the architect. Extra signs were posted where necessary. Some areas that needed extra attention included:

    • additional exits;
    • narrow passages;
    • possible one-way passages;
    • stairways that need to be taken in both directions.