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Coronavirus: Conferences, events and phd defences


Corona virus entry passes and measures per event

  • Educational, research and operational activities

    As of 25 September, all the UvA's regular business operations (educational, research and employee activities) can take place at UvA locations without coronavirus restrictions (i.e. without a coronavirus entry pass and at full capacity).

    What kind of events fall into this category?
    These are educational and research-related activities that are primarily aimed at current and prospective students and staff, but which may also be attended by guests.

    These include:

    • Graduation and doctoral thesis defence ceremonies
    • Inauragal lectures
    • Open days
    • Networking meetings
    • Guest lectures
    • Symposia
    • Seminars
    • Team meetings
    • Farewell meetings
    • Dies Natalis (anniversary) celebration

    If a reception/drinks party is held in connection with the activity, this is regarded as the same activity as long as it takes place in the same building.

    Educational, research and operational activities
    The above also applies to activities outside UvA buildings, i.e. at external locations (De la Mar theatre, Carré, etc.). However, a landlord/operator may impose coronavirus measures as applicable to the occasion in question (such as coronavirus entry passes). For example, this may be necessary because the location is being shared with other groups at the same time. For the time being, no coronavirus entry passes may be required for educational and education-related activities. If external locations do ask for this pass, it is important to talk to them and inform them about the exemption for educational activities.

    Allard Pierson and other locations
    Some specific UvA locations with a primarily public function can initially follow their own branch protocols with regard to organising activities. These are in any case the Allard Pierson Museum, Spui25 and the Amsterdam Academic Club.

  • Other events; parties and galas

    For activities and events that are not directly related to the regular business operations of the UvA (education, research, employee activities) or that are not primarily aimed at employees and current and prospective students, the usual coronavirus rules apply (such as the use of coronavirus entry passes and limited capacity). In this context, it does not matter whether these activities and events take place within UvA buildings or at external locations.

    What kind of events fall into this category?
    Examples are;

    • Parties and galas
    • Alumni activities
  • Canteen and catering on campus

    Coronavirus entry passes are not required for company canteens in UvA buildings that are primarily intended for staff and students. For other catering establishments on campus (such as the CREA Café), the regular coronavirus rules for the catering sector apply. This means coronavirus entry passes are used here.

    Rental of UvA locations
    If the UvA rents locations to third parties, or uses locations for commercial activities, the exceptions for education do not apply. Examples include lunch meetings for local residents or commercial seminars. The activities involved fall under the regular National Institute for Public Health and the Environment guideline for events and activities to which a coronavirus entry pass may be applicable.

    Further information Information on the use of coronavirus entry passes can be found on the website of the National Government (in Dutch).

Other questions about events

  • Are graduation ceremonies taking place?

    It is possible to organize a graduation ceremony.

    Each faculty or programme will have the option to choose online alternatives. For questions, get in touch with your specific Student Service desk.

  • What are the guidelines for study association activities?

    Now that we are allowed on campus again (in a limited capacity), more offline activities and gatherings are possible - if approved by your faculty's Head of Operations.

    Keep in Touch

    Perhaps you're already familiar with the Keep in Touch-campaign because your study association has already organised an activity via Keep in Touch earlier in the year. Study associations could apply for a budget for social activities earlier in the year by sending in great ideas. At that time, mainly online activities were organised such as an online yoga and an online silent disco party.

    Now, a new round of Keep in Touch has started with slightly altered conditions and with the possibility of organising more online activities. To celebrate all study associations can apply for the Keep in Touch fund once again. Ask your study association how you can submit an idea together and check out the Keep in Touch page for the application form and conditions.