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Corona: other questions

  • Where can I find information about changes in the grant application process? Will deadlines postponed, for example?

    Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the application process for many research grants is changing. For example, deadlines may be postponed. And other steps in the grant application process, such as interviews or response periods, may be delayed, moved or prolonged.

    Most grant providers have a special web page about the changes in the application process resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. They are regularly updated. See below for an overview various grant providers and their measures in response to the coronavirus outbreak:

    Who can I contact for more information or advice? The research funding advisers of the IXA UvA Grant Support Team can help you with specific questions about changes following the coronavirus outbreak.

    The IXA UvA Grant Support Team is also publishing more editions of their Grant Update newsletter with coronavirus-related news. Sign up for the newsletter here.

  • As a result of the corona measures I am unable to work and I am having financial problems that are preventing me from paying my tuition fees. What can I do?

    We understand that this is a very unpleasant situation. DUO offers the option of temporarily borrowing more per month. This can also be done retroactively, back to the beginning of the academic year. You can also apply for tuition fee credit. You can arrange this yourself with DUO. Check the DUO website for more information.

    Compenstation due to the coronavirus

    Students who obtain their Master's diploma between 1 September 2020 and 31 January 2021 will receive a one-off payment of € 535 from DUO after 1 March 2021 as compensation for any study delay caused by coronary measures. This amount equals 3 months of statutory tuition fees.

    If your details are known to DUO, you do not have to do anything and DUO will automatically transfer the amount at the end of March. If any details are missing, DUO will contact you to request them. In that case, it will take longer for you to receive the money.

    (Foreign) students who go or live abroad and students who are not involved with DUO, can provide a foreign address at the municipality where they were last registered, then this will be entered in the Non-Residents Register (RNI). This information is then also sent to DUO. In this way, DUO can contact you in writing to request any missing data.

    For more information, please consult the DUO website.