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Art History

Art throughout the ages


BA Art History (in Dutch)

Students of Art History learn how to critically approach and deal with art and art literature. The study programme offers an intensive introduction to art history throughout the ages. Attention is also given to the many aspects of art history, such as iconography, phenomena of imitation, inspiration and art in the Netherlands.
Excursions, both in the Netherlands and abroad (Paris, Florence, Berlin, New York), form a fixed part of the propaedeutic and Bachelor’s curriculum. Art History’s good working relationship with libraries, museums, archives and art academies offers ample opportunities for work placements and excursions.


rMA Arts of the Netherlands (Arts and Culture)

rMA Artistic Research (Arts and Culture)

rMA Art Studies (Arts and Culture)

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History can take part in the Master’s programme Art History at the UvA. They can also compete for a spot in the Research Master’s programme Art History or the Research Master’s programme Dutch Golden Age Studies.
In addition, a Bachelor’s degree in Art History also enables one to enroll in various Master’s programmes in the fields of media, culture, museums and heritage.