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Conservation and Restoration

Masterclass Metallography

by prof. Paolo Piccardo

Four-day masterclass 1–4 May 2017

Signs of decay are coded inside the metal structure of objects and it is our goal to combine metallography and careful observation as tools to decode the “language of the metals".

The correct use of sampling, observation by optical and scanning electron microscopy supported by spectroscopic investigations as EDX and WDX for the composition or Raman and XRD for the corroded patina and non-metallic additional layers are the main tools for investigation. During the lectures these tools will be introduced by case studies on the most common metals and alloys, preceeded by a short introduction on metals, alloys, microstructures and mechanical properties. The case studies are supported by practical sessions, forming a basis for all restoration activities as a valuable tool for conservators, not only to preserve the object but also to keep its history alive, including the “hand of the master”.

This Masterclass is part of the Master’s programme in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. 

Brochure Workshop Metallography 2015