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Book and Paper

UvA Book and Paper Conservation
Book and paper conservation. Photo: Bas van Velzen

This master prepares the student for a career in the conservation of books and paper, ranging from famous works of art to family heirlooms with emotional value to miles of archival material. Treating drawings, prints, archival material and books will have students work on paper, leather, parchment and other materials.

Acquiring insight into context, manufacture, composition, and degradation phenomena of these objects give the student the ability to consider different treatment options and to make ethically sound decisions prior to treatment.

Furthermore, in the wake of mass digitisation, mass preservation has become a major challenge. Learning to manage collection care projects, advise museums, libraries, and archives, and conducting scientific research to further support decisions are important aspects of the curriculum as well. Because of the diversity in this field, a wide range of careers is possible to graduates in book and paper conservation.